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Ross is the heart of Chase Classic Motors. An avid police car collector for over twenty years, Ross earned his Master of Science degree in Criminology from Wayne State University and earned his Law Enforcement certification from the State of Michigan in 2004. After several years as a part-time patrol officer in northern Michigan, Ross enlisted in the U.S. Navy and spent 4 years in the Nuclear Field and Propulsion Program before serving as Reactor Department Damage Control Petty Officer aboard the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70). 


After returning home to Grosse Pointe, Ross looked into a career in Fleet Service Management and studied engine building at Baker College where Eric Laesch was his educational instructor. Ross and Eric became friends when they discovered they both had a passion for restoring and showing classic cars. Ross proposed the idea of starting their own classic car company together and designed a business model with Eric as his business partner. Ross organized the company in January 2022 and recruited the talent necessary to bring his vision into reality. Eric credits Ross with having the organizational, financial, and legal skills necessary to build a business from the ground up. As co-owner of the company, Ross makes sure their business functions smoothly.

Ross currently works as a Comptroller and office manager for the Veterans of Foreign Wars.  His administrative work on behalf of the Michigan’s four largest veteran service organizations was recognized by the office of the Governor last year and he was invited to join the Governor at the Omnibus Budget signing ceremony in 2022. Ross has the managerial skills and salesmanship needed to keep Chase Classic Motors, LLC on the road to a successful and profitable journey.

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