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A collection of (8) vintage GE and Motorola in-car radio speakers (1960s-1990s) for one LOW PRICE: #1 GE-0001 (1970s, no bracket); #2 GE-0002 (1970s, no bracket); #3 GE-0003 (1970s with bracket); #4 MO-0003 (1960s, no bracket); #5 MO-0007 (1970s, with bracket); #6 MO-0006 (1980s, no bracket); #7 MO-0004 (1990s, no bracket); #8 MO-0005 (1990s, no bracket).


Most include their wires. Three of the (8) speakers come with their original brackets for easy installation. However, these speakers have NOT been tested. Condition is UNKNOWN. These are intended for display purposes only. Perfect for a vintage police, fire, or ambulance restoration.


Priced individually, these (8) speakers would cost $160.00. This package price is reduced by 22% from the individual prices to just $125.00 plus 6% Michigan sales tax and shipping. No warranty or returns.

Lot of (8) vintage GE/Motorola speakers

Excluding Sales Tax
Only 1 left in stock
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